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Travel protection- a must have for business travellers.

The Indian Film Industry demands constant and arduous travel schedules & Mr. Ram Kumar Paswan, who works with one of the renowned producers in the Hindi film industry is no stranger to it. Mr. Paswan had to travel to Switzerland for one such work commitment and the journey was hassle free until he reached the destination. The following morning, he started experiencing discomfort on the left side of his stomach. He initially assumed that it might be due to indigestion and waited for the pain to subside. Unfortunately, it aggravated and Mr. Paswan had to be taken to the hospital immediately. On evaluation, Mr. Ram Kumar Paswan was diagnosed with kidney stone.

TrawellTag Cover-More deployed help as soon as they were intimated about the diagnosis. TrawellTag Cover-More not only made sure he had a soothing recovery but also, the financial aspects were dealt in less than 15 minutes. Mr. Paswan was thankful that he didn't had to worry about the financial burden of overseas treatment despite the unforeseen emergency. Mr. Paswan also affirmed that no matter how trivial the trip is, he would never travel without global travel protection from TrawellTag Cover-More.

We don't just want to meet your expectations; we want to repeatedly exceed them!

"Global travel protection from TrawellTag Cover-More is essential, especially for professionals like us with rampant work and travel schedules." ~ Ram Kumar Paswan

"We focus on turning every travel into a special experience and this would not have been possible without the holistic travel protection offered by TrawellTag Cover-More." ~ Swastik Tours

Disclaimer: “Karvat Cover-More Assist Pvt. Ltd., the Company (a corporate agent licensed by IRDAI) is providing global assistance services and ancillary products including travel insurance as a complimentary benefit (cover underwritten by an IRDAI authorized underwriter – Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd). For details on risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the terms and conditions carefully before concluding a transaction.”