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TrawellTag Cover-More protects customer travelling to Sweden to meet her grandchild

Having a grandchild is one of the most special feelings that one can ever experience. Mrs. Manisha Mahesh Thakur’s happiness knew no bounds when she came to know that her daughter was expecting. Mrs. Thakur, accompanied with her husband travelled to Sweden to witness this special moment. Little did she know that the excitement of meeting her pregnant daughter would turn into anguish in the days to come.

In just 3 days from her arrival at Sweden, Mrs. Manisha Thakur was struck with fever and had to be admitted immediately due to vomiting, extreme pain and fatigue. Upon evaluation, she was diagnosed with Urosepsis, a severe urinary infection. However, Mr. and Mrs. Thakur were at ease because they had availed for travel assistance and insurance services from TrawellTag Cover-More before travelling. The emergency assistance team immediately plunged in and took care of the co-ordination with hospital for procuring all the required invoices and the underwriter for handling the financial aspects of the procedure.

Mrs. Manisha Mahesh Thakur returned back to India, with the happiness of not only meeting her grandchild but also relieved that her medical emergency abroad did not bog them down financially.

“I thought my leisure trip will turn into a nightmare when I was in severe pain due to an infection but, TrawellTag Cover-More’s immediate assistance during my ordeal was the most pleasant encounter of my trip” ~Mrs. Manisha Mahesh Thakur

Disclaimer: “Karvat Cover-More Assist Pvt. Ltd., the Company (a corporate agent licensed by IRDAI) is providing global assistance services and ancillary products including travel insurance as a complimentary benefit (cover underwritten by an IRDAI authorized underwriter – Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd). For details on risk factors, terms and conditions, please read the terms and conditions carefully before concluding a transaction.”